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Security Services

For any organization to succeed, it must be secure, both in a physical as well as psychological sense. Foundationally, an organization’s leaders must know and trust that their organization’s assets and resources are secure in order to develop them and prosper.

Rhino IG delivers an array of technology and services to address the tangible and intangible security and operational needs of organizations. Our security-based philosophy is based on our firm’s heritage as an industry-leading provider of state-of-the-art infrastructure, security products and services. Our security orientation also extends to providing leaders the peace of mind that comes from accessing our top-tier operational services.

Between our foundational security services and outstanding operational services, we are committed to providing what you ultimately need to achieve success.

Peace of Mind


Rhino IG provides an array of CCTV products and services on behalf of our government, commercial and private clients. Whether protecting streets, schools and parks, or government, commercial and private property, we have access to the precisely right products and services you need for protection. We are proud to count some of the world’s leading CCTV technology companies as our partners, and be able to provide their products directly to our clients.

 Government clients rely on our cutting-edge security and surveillance technology to ensure the safety of citizens and government officials. Commercial organizations apply our high-caliber CCTV products to help prevent theft, vandalism and violent crime, and ensure consistently appropriate employee conduct. Private organizations and individuals safeguard themselves and others through innovative security solutions tailored for private use, including within vehicles.


Invisible Threats. Real-World Protection.


The rapidly growing threat of cybercrime requires an equally advanced and sophisticated cybersecurity response. Whether your organization requires a cybersecurity audit and assessment, specific threat intelligence information, or incident response input and expertise, Rhino IG has the experience and expertise to deliver.

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Prepare for the Unexpected


Organizations already have enough to work on without constantly having to worry about their next security threat. That’s where the knowledge and experience of Rhino IG comes in.

Our intelligence-based security services help you better know, understand and address your greatest threats, prepare for the unexpected, and continue to be able to operate without interruption. Our experts diligently work on your behalf to constantly stay abreast and ahead of those who seek to imperil your organization.

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We Help Your Personnel Meet the Latest Threats

Specialized Training

Depending on your type of organization and its specific needs, you may require more specialized security training to safeguard your assets. Rhino IG has access to some of the world’s leading security training resources, to ensure that your personnel have access to the latest security knowledge, threats and protection techniques and methods available.

We work diligently with our clients to ensure that they have the security training needed to protect their interests. Click to learn more about Counter-terrorism, Intelligence/Surveillance/Reconnaissance (ISR), Executive Protection, Aviation Support, or Law-Enforcement Training. 

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