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Our Mission:

Forging A Brighter Africa

For organizations in Africa seeking critical security and digital infrastructure to enhance their economic strength, Rhino Innovations Group (Rhino IG) is the smart choice to support their needs – now and into the future.

Proven and respected, Rhino IG combines leading-edge security and digital infrastructure knowledge, strategy and technology with local experts highly experienced in the needs and nuances of African commerce and culture. Unlike service providers from outside Africa here to simply sell products without regard to local interests, Rhino IG is from Africa, for Africa. Our leaders and service specialists are native to Africa; their technical expertise and local background translates to consistently superior localized partnerships.

Our Foundation: Based on Security

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Rhino I.G.’s approach provides “ground truth” on an organization’s cybersecurity capabilities and vulnerabilities (current state), and where the organization should be based on its attractiveness to cyber-criminals (target state). A threat profile is established by examining an organization’s operations, industry vertical, technology profile, and likely adversaries.

From that analysis, we provide a comprehensive set of actionable recommendations to move the organization forward in the short, medium, and long term.

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about Rhino IG’s security company Invictus

For any organization to succeed, it must be secure, both in a physical as well as psychological sense. Foundationally, an organization’s leaders must know and trust that their organization’s assets and resources are secure in order to develop them and prosper.

Rhino IG delivers an array of technology and services to address the tangible and intangible security and operational needs of organizations.

Our security-based philosophy is based on our firm’s heritage as an industry-leading provider of state-of-the-art infrastructure, security products and services. Our security orientation also extends to providing leaders the peace of mind that comes from accessing our top-tier operational services. 

Between our foundational security services and outstanding operational services, we are committed to providing what you ultimately need to achieve success.

We are capable of handling the toughest challenges faced by today’s leading organizations across an ever-evolving digital threat landscape. Our solutions enable clients to find, fix, stop, and ultimately solve security problems across their entire enterprise and product portfolios.

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Why Customers Choose Rhino I.G.

Tailored Solutions

Rhino Innovations Group’s deep knowledge of conditions unique to the African market ensure that our solutions are appropriate to your needs.

Installation and Service

Our experienced teams are used to dealing with tricky installation environments, and understand the unusual service requirements.


We build and install “Future-Proof” solutions that meet your needs, both now and in the future.


Rhino I.G. is not locked into a rigid “One Size Fits All” approach. We create solutions that meet your needs and grow as you grow.


All our solutions deliver consistent reliability, with robust back-up plans in place.

Easy Hand-Offs

We ensure that everything we create and install can be managed by your local teams. No hidden vulnerabilities or costs!

Smart People, Smart Cities 

Rhino IG is highly familiar with and experienced in serving the needs of various smart city initiatives in Africa.

As African nations and communities increasingly embrace a variety of high-tech smart city initiatives to create a brighter future for their businesses and residents, Rhino IG stands prepared with best-available resources, personnel and technology partnerships. Bottom-line, Rhino IG knows and delivers on the latest and most locally relevant smart city best practices.

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