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Installation Services

Expert Installation Services

Quality Installation

When it comes to product and service installation, particularly in complex industries such as technology, you’re only as good as the quality of your installation. What this practically means is that your future success depends on the workability and usability of your installation. Consider the number and volume of organizations whose success has been undercut by shoddy or insufficient installation services. That is not what Rhino IG is about.

World-Class Installation

With Rhino IG, you are guaranteed to receive truly world-class installation services. As in, installation services which are as excellent in Frankfurt, Florence, Freetown and Fort Worth as they are anywhere else in the world. Through partnerships forged with many of the world’s leading manufacturers and supplies, Rhino IG can ensure you receive the excellent installation services you need, when and where they are needed.

Our Promise To You

Quality Assurance, Quality Control

When it comes to installation, we place a strong focus on quality assurance and quality control at every step of the process, which is why our installation work is conducted by some of the world’s leading experts. This expertise cuts across a broad spectrum of leading technologies and platforms. 

Our installation philosophy is holistic, looking broadly to ensure the solution we provide delivers best-in-class technology. Our solutions consistently deliver the lowest total cost of ownership, low maintenance costs and a higher return on investment.

As a satisfied client shared: “This is the best approach we have seen, installation is fast, training is clear and transparent and the solutions are easy to operate.”

Seamless Technology Handoff

The Capabilities You Need

At Rhino IG, our installation philosophy is predicated on long-term client success. That means we are as concerned about your success weeks if not months into the future as we are on the date of your specific installation. We demonstrate and live that philosophy by ensuring we provide you with a seamless installation handoff to your team, including access to all resource materials, services and personnel you might need in the future.

We provide personalized solutions and training every step of the way, from problem conceptualization, solution dimensioning, product and service selection, and delivery and care of product, on through to pre- and post- installation services.

The support we provide is done in full collaboration with the client. For example, with a technology solution, our fully capable technology team is capable of continuing to provide level 2 and level 3 support for more complex scenarios, if that matches a client’s needs and requirements.

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