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Maintenance Services

Maintenance Assistance When Needed

Peace of Mind

For clients who need and seek longer-term maintenance services after installation, Rhino IG provides full access to a variety of maintenance assistance resources, including to trusted technical partners. Our access to a variety of flexible bundled services, combining products and services according to a client’s needs and budget, offer you the convenience and cost savings necessary to achieve your budgetary and peace-of-mind goals.

Rhino IG has direct access to a broad range of solutions, technologies and technical resources, from the world’s leading vendors to system integrators. For example, in the technology realm, our approach to solution dimensioning allows us to offer the best of integration to our clients, coupled with 24/7 world-class technical support to ensure any risks of downtime are mitigated and/or are significantly minimized should they occur.

rhino innovations group installs systems and engages in knowledge transfer

Emphasis on Knowledge Transfer

Our underlying goal with any Rhino IG client relationship is to not have clients dependent on us long-term, but rather to gain the knowledge and expertise they need to develop their own internal capabilities. Our philosophy of imparting as much of our expertise to clients as possible, according to their needs and interests, means that clients gain an enhanced ability to chart their own destiny, including new career opportunities for additional employees, if so desired. Being able to offer new, well-paying jobs benefits our clients and their local economies – a win/win for all!

Our Promise To You

Equipping Your Team with Skills

Our initial engagement with a client focuses on an analysis of the client’s level of skills and capabilities. We then design our implementation program based on a focus to equip the client’s team with the skills and ability to design and implement the subsequent phases of the project.

Our project implementation design provides for on-job training (OJT). During OJT, selected members of a client’s team “shadow” our technicians and are exposed to hands-on deployment. At a later stage and during post-installation training, we provide the option for deep-dive system re-engineering.


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