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About Us

Massive yet nimble, rhinos can weigh as much as 6,000 pounds (2,700 kg) yet sprint on their toes as fast as 28 mph (45 kph) – equal to the top speed of record-holding sprinter Usain Bolt.

In today’s fast-paced global economy, where revenues – and reputations – can turn in an instant, top-tier organizations require across-the-board, tailored excellence in their service providers. Powerful enough to consistently provide their core solutions when, where and however they’re needed, yet also sensitive enough to nimbly address the unique challenges and needs of each of their clients.

Rhino Innovations Group (Rhino IG) combines the best of both of these worlds: knowledgeable and experienced enough to consistently meet the most strenuous security and digital infrastructure demands of modern organizations, yet flexible and client-centric enough to meet the needs of each of our customers. Clients repeatedly turn to Rhino IG for our ability to reliably deliver as promised and according to our clients’ best interests.

Our Team

The founders of Rhino IG began the firm based on a simple yet profound proposition: “Putting ourselves in our prospective clients’ shoes, what would we want most in a high-quality security and digital infrastructure provider?” The answer came quickly: Beyond having core, fundamental knowledge and expertise in our primary service areas, as well as access to the best technology partners, services and equipment possible, we would also want:

Local service, local expertise and local access

  • Custom-tailored solutions to meet unique needs
  • A solid understanding of my organization and its culture
  • Scalability and flexibility to grow with a client’s needs
  • High-quality training and service
  • Consistently friendly, easy-to-work-with personnel

Intentionally, Rhino IG fulfills all of these core client interests, because we set out from the onset to ensure that Rhino IG would be a consistently high-quality service provider to meet our clients’ needs. For example, unlike service providers from outside of Africa who come to Africa simply to try to “cash in” without regard for African interests or culture, Rhino IG intentionally employs highly qualified natives of Africa who not only know African commerce, but have a deep understanding and appreciation for African culture.

Our Process

The Rhino IG process adheres to what we call our “4D” approach of Discovery, Discernment, Dialogue and Deliverables, and is core to how we do business.

The Rhino IG process adheres to what we call our “4D” approach of Discovery, Discernment, Dialogue and Deliverables, and is core to how we do business.


Our process begins with learning the unique needs, values and interests of each client


In ongoing consultation with client representatives, we discuss how and when we will most appropriately apply our recommended solutions


Based on our knowledge and expertise, we examine and analyze each of our client’s unique needs before providing our recommendations for a customized solution


Beyond simply delivering the services and solutions we’ve promised, we also ensure as ongoing means of providing each client with training and support services


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