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Procurement Excellence

Procurement excellence can make all the difference to the success of an organization, particularly those transacting business globally. Often mistakenly considered a tactical role, procurement is a vital strategic function for any organization seeking to improve its profitability, innovative ability and functionality.

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The best procurement experts

The best procurement experts – such as those from Rhino IG – are adept at helping organizations streamline processes, reduce raw material prices and cost, identify superior sources of supply and improve the bottom line. Considering that many organizations easily spend two-thirds or more of their revenue on procurement, even seemingly minor procurement cost reductions can have a huge financial impact.

In today’s era of instantaneous communications, procurement excellence is also vital for protecting the reputation of an organization’s brand – and its leaders. For example, it’s estimated that corruption can add 25% or more to the cost of procurement contracts in developing countries, and 10% to business costs globally. Considering that the ultimate responsibility for supply chain costs, consistency and integrity resides with an organization’s most senior executives, and that word of procurement corruption can travel in an instant, how can you not have the best procurement services possible? That’s the quality difference Rhino IG offers.


Of Average Organizational Budget Spent on Procurement

Man-Hours Wasted Per Year Because of Inefficiencies in Supply Chain

Revenue Siphoned Off From Developing Countries by Corruption Each Year

Our Promise To You

Working on Your Behalf

The most important role of a procurement professional, such as from Rhino IG, is identifying an organization’s goals and needs in order to cost-effectively obtain quality products and services to meet these goals and needs. That means putting your client’s interests first, each and every time. 

High-quality, client-centric procurement professionals, such as from Rhino IG, should be your operational, reputational and ethical ambassadors. That means sourcing goods and services, based on your budget and spending patterns, at the most optimal price and level of excellence. It also means consistently acting in all transactions with the highest degree of conduct, good faith and ethics. 

Equipped with procurement excellence such as through Rhino IG, organizations are better-able to not only meet their business needs today but also better-position themselves for the future. Organizations seeking to improve and expand rely on Rhino IG to help achieve their future growth goals.

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Your Partner to Success

 With a high-quality procurement partner such as Rhino IG on your side, you’ll have a vital ally to help propel you to future business success. For example, Rhino IG specializes in analyzing clients’ spending data in order to determine new savings opportunities and delivers opportunities for productive new supply chain relationships, and enhanced current procurement relationships.


With innovation a constant need within any organization, the business and industry acumen which Rhino IG provides can help pave the way to new business insights and expanded supply and sales channels. The ultimate beneficiaries of these innovations are your stakeholders – customers, owners, partners and more – who will all benefit from your enhanced abilities and capabilities.

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