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Invisible Threats, Real-World Protection

Cyber Criminals Never Rest

Your Security Needs to Be As Relentless As They Are

The rapidly growing threat of cybercrime requires an equally advanced and sophisticated cybersecurity response.

Whether your organization requires a cybersecurity audit/assessment, specific threat intelligence information, or incident response input and expertise, Rhino IG has the experience and expertise to deliver.

Threat Intelligence

The best cybersecurity is to prevent incidents before they even happen. Through our cutting-edge cybersecurity software and vigilant awareness of the latest threats, we’re able to detect and thwart a wide variety of network, server and software abnormalities. Hackers, viruses, malware, information leaks and more hit a wall against our cybersecurity team’s excellence.

Once they do, our cybersecurity engineers are immediately alerted and instantly get to work to fight off hackers, viruses, malware, information leaks, and more. Rhino Innovations Group, and all its subsidiaries take every step necessary to prevent attacks on your data and information, all through our cyber threat intelligence and information warfare services.


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Incident Response

Criminals know: speed kills

Any organizations currently or imminently under cyberattack will find an invaluable ally and asset in Rhino IG, given our proven ability to fend off the latest and most malicious online threats.

We are available at any time, any day, to immediately respond and work toward safeguarding your assets.

Audits and Assessments

Our audit and assessment capabilities ensure you are current with the latest in cybersecurity regulations and standards.

No matter the type or size of your organization, we can help ensure your data stays private and uncompromised.

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Cyber-Attacks Growing in Cost, Frequency and Damage

Last year, more than two million cyber attacks resulted in more than $45 billion in losses worldwide as local governments struggled to cope with ransomware and other malicious incidents.

There has been a steep rise in cyber incidents like supply chain attacks, Business Email Compromise (BEC) and cryptojacking. Some attack types, such as ransomware, are not new but continue to be lucrative for criminals. Others, such as cryptojacking, show that criminals are shifting their focus to new targets.

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Our Promise To You

Protection from New Types of Crime

In conjunction with the increasing prevalence of cryptocurrency comes the rise of cryptojacking, which tripled in 2018.

This is a specific type of attack aimed at hijacking devices to harness computer power at scale to efficiently mine cryptocurrency. Rhino I.G. believes these incidents are increasingly attractive to criminals as they represent a direct path from infiltration to income, and are difficult to detect and stop. 

Prevent Hacking Attacks

While the total number of ransomware attacks was down last year, Rhino I.G. has noted a troubling rise in reported ransomware attacks against state and local governments. Breaches targeting the city governments led to the disruption of many government services and the rebuilding of entire network structures.

Local governments are particularly vulnerable given that they often rely on outdated technology and are running old software and operating systems.

Worse yet, data leaks from major internet companies means that there are now more than 2.2 billion breached credentials in play and users often rely on identical logins across services. Attackers are harnessing ultra-fast computers and known username/password pairs or commonly used passwords to gain access directly to accounts across a wide range of industries. Several high-profile events/attacks have occurred in the last year, and though many were initially believed to be breaches, they turned out to be brute-force credential attacks.

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